Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Saturday

I call it "our" Saturday
because it's the first Saturday
Rhett didn't have to go to work
Since we moved to Salt Lake.
I call it "ours"
Because we were able to spend
the WHOLE day together as a family
doing things we wanted to do
And what a perfect day it was, too.

The day started with Porter's first soccer game
(even though we are three weeks into the season
the first two games got rained/snowed out)

Porter played well
and was so excited to finally get to play a game.
His team is the Big T-Rexes...
Afterwards, we spent some time at Grandma Hunt's
where we finally had our Easter Egg hunt -
Now that everyone was well and could be there.
Andrew was so funny once he had all his eggs
He laid them all out,
then opened them one by one
Everytime amazed and suprised to see
that each one was filled with candy.

We then did something we haven't done in a long time -
the boys played baseball.
We all had a blast -
The boys loved hitting and running the bases
Rhett loved hopping the small fence and chasing after the balls
And I loved watching.
The boys hit so well -
even Andrew
He hits as well as the other boys -
for only being 2 1/2.
Andrew would hit and go straight to 2nd base
(because he likes the number 2).
Porter and Zach would hit,
then try to make it all the way around the bases
before Rhett would try and tag them out.

Once the boys had their fill,
we headed home so Rhett and I could get ready
for a date...
We dropped the boys off
to play with their cousins
and enjoyed a wonderful BBQ dinner at Famous Dave's
then saw the movie Knowing...
Good movie but very interesting ending...
(I'll leave it at that)

This week starts a new "era" for us
Rhett left this morning for Vernal
and will be there til Thursday.
I feel like we just got him back
and now he's gone again.
The good part is he will get Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays off.

Zach's grounded to his room this week
for hitting his brothers,
again and again...
Any ideas on how to get him to stop?
I feel like I've tried everything
And the only thing I have left is to keep him in his room
where he's not around anyone to hit...
I hate to have to come to that
but I'm seriously at my wits end...


Diane said...

Aren't those Saturdays the best? Just being together. Your boys are growing up. They look so handsome! We're so excited to have another cousin too. One on the Beck side and one on the Hunt side. Congrats again on the baby boy!

Laurel Nelson said...

Knowing is an interesting movie...definitely "interesting" at the end...I don't think I quite expected it, and it certainly did freak me out before I figured out what was going on...those guys were CREEPY!!!

Katie said...

So I finally got tired of one of my kids hitting the others, so I told him if he hit his brother again, I would let his brother hit him right back. Then it happened. He hit his brother again, so I let the other one hit him right back. The first boy didn't like that at all. He stopped. I don't know if it will work for you, but I had tried everything else myself. Good luck with that.

Arizona Nielsens said...

What a fun day!! Glad you guys got to spend ONE day with Rhett. Too bad Porter has school, or I'd say just come and play at out house for a little while. We're headed to the splash park tomorrow. We wish we could play with you guys regularly. Savannah just loves the boys and Zach is Vanessa's favorite!